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RM Plex | Custom acrylic products made in Europe


  • PM Plex is a company with more than 16 years experience in the manufacture of products from acrylic sheets.
  • Our correctness and quality work help us to be always competitive.
  • Our products are offered in Bulgaria, as well as on on the international market.
  • Our relationship with the customers is built on trust, based on individual approach and flexible prices.
  • We use materials with high quality and durability.
  • Our products can designed by request and according to the customer's specifications.

Manufacture and sale of RM Photo Frame products

The products are sold mainly to retailers and wholesalers, as well as photographers.

Please contact us for a price list and further information on all products manufactured by us under the brand RM Photo Frame.

If you require a made-to-order product by your specification, you can send us a sample, provide us with a drawing or describe your idea and we will respond as soon as possible.

Manufacture and sale of RM Lurebox products

The products are sold to wholesalers, retailers and individual customers.

To make a purchase, please visit our online store RM LUREBOX or our EBAY store. You can also buy these products from our distributors in Bulgaria and Europe.

Wholesalers and retailers, please contact us to receive a price list and  additional information about all RM Lurebox products.

Manufacture and sale of RM Custom Products

These products are manufactured for clients with various business activities.

We have manufactured hundreds of custom-made products for the retail, advertising, restaurant and hotel industry, as well as for other businesses.

Send as an image, drawing or sample, or describe you idea to us, and we will contact you as soon as possible with an offer for a quality product at a competitive price.