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RM Plex | Custom acrylic products made in Europe

  • Sheet holders and prices

    Поставките са изработени от 100 % прозрачен материал, позволяващи многократна смяна на
    листа.Изпълнението е в различни варианти:
    -настолни поставки
    -поставки с магнитно фолио
    -поставки с двойнолепяща лента
    -поставки със защипване
    -поставки с пробождане и т.н.

  • Racks and Displays

    Displays and racks for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, etc. products.

    Quality acrylic products on a customer`s specifications.

    Possibility for branding.

  • Holders for brochures, business cards and leaflets

    Plexiglas`s stands.

    Possibility to place different quantities and sizes of brochures, leaflets or business cards.

    Options for mounting on a board or wall.

    Quality acrylic products on a customer`s specifications.

  • Raffle boxes and containers for various products

    Advertising boards, boxes for raffles and donations, headers, shelf talkers.

    We also offer printing on acrylic, as well as cutting, polishing and bending plexiglass sheets.

  • Stands for various products

    Holders and stands for brochures, belts, knives, shoes, tiaras, nail-polish, lipsticks, pens, pencils, GSM, GPS, small appliances, medicines and others